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Jenny N Nguyen

FOR WORK: I develop in C#/VB.NET and AngularJS.

FOR FUN: I weight-lift 3-4 times a week; attend user group events related to .NET framework, Ruby on Rails, or software development as a woman monthly; and compete in Final Fantasy TCG tournaments bimonthly (either twice a week or every two months).

I study Japanese and I hope to see a BABYMETAL live concert again at their home country.

I sometimes write about these experiences over at my blog.


From time to time, I give lightning or 15 minute talks at user group events.


    For the past four years, I have developed the following while on Version Control Systems such as Git:
  • Web applications with C# .NET or VB.NET as the backend; AngularJS and JavaScript libraries as the frontend; and third-party web services that have their own storage architecture.
  • Web applications with Ruby on Rails as the backend; HTML, CSS and JavaScript as the frontend; and PostgreSQL as the database.
  • Enterprise-sized applications with C# .NET WinForms; WebForms and JavaScript as the frontend; and SQL Server as the database.
  • Android mobile application with a third-party RPC-JSON web service; and SQLite as the database.

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