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I develop in C# / VB.NET and AngularJS as one of the Analyst Programmers at Prosegur Australia.

I develop in React.js and Node.js as one of the Software Developers of non-profit organisation SMASH! Inc who organises the annual SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show.

I'm a huge fan of BABYMETAL so I sometimes travel outside of Australia to see them perform. horns sign that's similar to the fox signmug shot of a fox


From time to time, I give 5 minute to 15 minute talks at user group events.
The following are links to the slides and speaker notes, or the article version on the topic, of my talks.

Minitest and Fixtures

Jenny giving the 'Minitest and Fixtures' talk
User Group Event 2017 July RoRo Sydney

Slides + Speaker Notes Minitest and Fixtures - automated testing with sample data on Rails 5 article Coming soon.

Trying different perspectives

Jenny giving the 'Trying different perspectives' talk (.net version)
User Group Event 2017 October Girls .NET
User Group Event 2017 November RoRo Sydney article Trying different perspectives as a Developer and as a Human

Memory Hack a TODO

Jenny giving the 'Memory Hack a TODO' talk User Group Event 2018 March RoRo Sydney article Memory Hack a TODO

Learn to teach Junior Developers

Jenny giving the 'Learn to teach Junior Developers' talk
User Group Event 2018 July RoRo Sydney article Coming soon.


    In the recent three years, I have developed on the following while on Version Control Systems such as Git:
  • Web applications with node.js at the backend; React.js at the frontend; and MySQL as the database
  • Web applications with C# .NET or VB.NET as the backend; AngularJS at the frontend; and SQL Server and third-party web services that have their own storage architecture.


Grab my resume as a PDF file or just view it on another browser tab.

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